Spendata Enterprise vs. Basic Spendata

Spendata Enterprise extends basic Spendata to enable publishing and sharing of workspaces, along with Enterprise's unique inheritance feature. Inheritance allows users with private, deeply altered copies of a base cube to onboard and merge all the modifications made by the base cube maintainers, without undoing or invalidating their work — even when the base cube maintainers have removed dimensions relied upon by the private cube.

Enterprise can run in the browser or it can run in the (downloaded and installed) Electron framework. Electron is a combination of Node.js and a Chrome browser. Just as with browser-based Spendata, the Spendata application is downloaded from the Spendata server and runs inside the Chrome browser associated with Electron.

When installed on the desktop, Enterprise is capable of managing larger datasets and utilizing multi-core CPUs to their maximum potential, speeding rebuilds of cubes by almost a pure factor of (number of cores). This is because installed Enterprise can fully utilize your computer's resources, as opposed to being constrained to work through the browser. Installed Enterprise also provides an advanced RESTful API that allows Spendata operations to be controlled and automated using any modern scripting language or environment (Python, R, Powershell, bash, etc.).

Whether Spendata is run in the browser or on the desktop, your data stays local and remains secure. And, since the Spendata application is downloaded from the server regardless of deployment model, your Spendata release is automatically kept current and up-to-date.


  • $699/year/license
Spendata Enterprise
  • $14,000/year includes 5 licenses, training, support.
  • Additional licenses $699/year w/volume discounts
Secure and private - your data stays on your machine, and is never transmitted to a server. All processing is performed locally.
Instant cube creation
Intelligent Loader
True DIY operation with extensive video help (100+ videos)
Unlimited dimensions, dashboards, views
Unique filter coin/mark technology
Multiple linked datasets; filtering across links
Real-time mapping and derivation
AI to convert third-party cubes
Nested and scripted derivations for power users
A la carte training and support services
Parallelized operation for fast processing
Built-in publishing and sharing of workspaces
Inheritance (inherit the changes to a base cube while preserving your own independent changes)
API (Application Programming Interface) to automate and drive Spendata remotely
Support for large datasets (15M+ transactions)
8 hours of Spendata training/working sessions included
Telephone support included