Get control of spending for $699 a year. That's right, $699. Spendata is the first true Do-It-Yourself Spend Analysis Tool. Business owners, accountants, and purchasing professionals can achieve agile spending visibility without relying on consultants or IT-controlled investments.


Move from idea to impact as quickly as possible without being stalled by cumbersome data warehouses, BI tools, or ERP add-ons. Launch new programs quickly and deliver value rapidly.


Designed for business people. A solution that draws on two decades of expert knowledge to simplify data prep and demystify the analysis process.


Achieve spend visibility without expensive consulting services or IT-controlled investments. If you're a sole proprietor or a procurement pro, Spendata gives you a risk-free option that won’t disrupt the status quo.


Your data never leaves your computer. Spendata is a powerful application that requires only a compatible web browser to run. There's no software to install, maintain or upgrade and no need to upload sensitive data to a server.


Take the panic out of data prep and the mystery out of analysis. Step-by-step guidance helps you cleanse, map, and enhance your data quickly and easily. Learn to spot anomalies and unusual spending patterns. Gain insights that lead to savings.


Your decision to buy is virtually risk-free. Our pricing practically guarantees an immediate payback. Easy to use. Inexpensive. Maintenance-free. Ideal for smaller organizations and a no-brainer for larger ones.

"Spendata is pushing the envelope by empowering end users to be spend analysis gurus."

Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters

"Why is do-it-yourself capability important? Imagine how useful Excel would be if you had to involve your Microsoft Account Representative every time you needed to make a change."

Dr. Michael Lamoureux, editor, Sourcing Innovation

"[The] success of any supply management program is largely dependent upon the ability to access, organize, and analyze spend data."

Aberdeen Group, Best Practices in Spending Analysis: Cure for a Corporate Epidemic

Achieve spend visibility with minimal investment and no disruption to the status quo.

  • a complete picture of spend without the help of expensive consulting services
  • guidelines and specifications for capturing source data
  • workflows for cleansing and refreshing data
  • expert IP to quickly find anomalies and inconsistencies
  • no software to install, maintain or upgrade
  • works alongside—or independently of—any BI, data warehouse, or analytics tools you may already own