IMAGINE that you could…
Build a spend cube and share it with others who can modify it any way they like.
Then, update your cube with new data... new data dimensions...
And, the group that you shared your cube with could “inherit” your changes while preserving all their own work!
Impossible? Not anymore.

Introducing the next evolution of spend analysis: Spendata Enterprise.

Spend Analysis that's New. Different. Better.

The most powerful spend analysis tool is also the most affordable at $699/year — and now you can try it risk-free.

Sign up for a free trial of Spendata —no credit card, no hassle. In minutes Spendata will load your data, family your vendors, map your spending, and produce a working spend cube with dashboards, help videos, and more. And it's all done securely because your data never leaves your machine.

Auto-familying and auto-mapping that you control. There's no offline processing and no behind-the-curtain functions that "only we can do." Spendata arms you with all the tools you need to accomplish your mission — tools that are easy to use and easy to understand.
Analysis power you won't find anywhere else. It's Qualitative Segmentation — the ability to analyze data using categories that are meaningful to you, that you can create and change easily and quickly.
No overpaying for services. Buying spend analysis can be like buying a printer — you pay over and over for every data refresh and mapping change, just like paying over and over again for toner. Convert to Spendata and say goodbye to expensive refreshes and changes.
Your data stays local and secure. With Spendata, all processing is done locally, and data is never transmitted to a server. Spendata requires no install, and runs in your browser.

Find out what agile spend analysis technology can do for you and your company — risk free. Here's what our customers are saying:
"This is the next generation of spend analysis. It's amazing what I can do with Spendata compared to our previous product."
"I built a sourcing plan in one day. My boss was blown away."
"This is the real deal. Nothing's hidden, you get to see every rule that Spendata applied, and you get to change anything you want."

"Spendata is pushing the envelope by empowering end users to be spend analysis gurus."

Pierre Mitchell, Chief Research Officer, Spend Matters

"Why is do-it-yourself capability important? Imagine how useful Excel would be if you had to involve your Microsoft Account Representative every time you needed to make a change."

Dr. Michael Lamoureux, editor, Sourcing Innovation

"[The] success of any supply management program is largely dependent upon the ability to access, organize, and analyze spend data."

Aberdeen Group, Best Practices in Spending Analysis: Cure for a Corporate Epidemic

How does Spendata stack up against competitors?

Source: Spend Matters Solution Map/Spend Analytics Fall 2020

Achieve spend visibility with minimal investment and no disruption to the status quo.

  • identify opportunities quickly, with minimal time investment
  • guidelines and specifications for capturing source data
  • workflows for cleansing and refreshing data
  • expert IP to quickly find anomalies and inconsistencies
  • no software to install, maintain or upgrade
  • works alongside—or independently of—any BI, data warehouse,
    or analytics tools you may already own