Do you like the idea of do-it-yourself spend analysis but don’t have the time or resources?
The key advantage of a truly do-it-yourself product is that you’re never stuck using someone else’s services. You can stop at any time. So, there’s no risk in augmenting your own efforts with affordable support, training, best practice advice, and data services.
Here are some services that will help you hit the ground running.

Telephone Support

Have questions? Even the most enthusiastic Do-It-Yourselfers have questions on occasion and want to talk to an expert.

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Intro to Spendata

This course provides an overview of Spendata's features and functions. It is designed to get you up and running quickly. Using generic spend data, we show you how to load, view, map, and report on it -- and find value. During this process, you will gain familiarity with the key capabilities of Spendata and how they support the different phases of spend analysis.

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Quick Start Programs

Take the fastest route to savings and process improvement with expert guidance. Engage us for one, two, or all three of our Quick Start training programs. We show you how to do each step of the process, and then we make sure you know how to do it. You take it from there, completing the work on your own. When you’re done, we move on to the next step. The end result is a working spend analysis with your data -- and the knowledge and tools to recreate it yourself.

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Spend Analysis: The Works

The Works program is designed for those who prefer to outsource the entire spend analysis process, with or without periodic refresh services. As part of the program, we provide sufficient training to enable you to use Spendata to explore the data and find value on your own.

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Spendata Training

In the spirit of do-it-yourself, our training packages are designed to jumpstart your spend analysis efforts by making you competent and independent as quickly as possible.

Intro to Spendata

Who it's for: Introduction to Spendata is designed for those who want a basic orientation of Spendata before they embark on self-training or our Quick Start Program.

This one-day course, taught live over Webex, is designed to familiarize you with the many features and capabilities of Spendata. Using generic spend data, we show you how to:

  • Load data from multiple sources
  • Create and navigate Data Views
  • Build a basic commodity hierarchy
  • Group vendors and map commodities
  • Gain insights with dynamic filtering
  • Create custom dashboards and reports
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Quick Start Programs

Who it’s for: Quick Start Programs are designed for people who want to get value from their data quickly, and who have a preference for learning by doing.

Our unique Quick Start programs are based on helping you work with your own data. We go one-on-one and screen-share with you as you attack each step of the spend analysis process, making sure you have mastered it; then we disengage to let you finish the task so that you learn by doing. Each program step enables you to reach a concrete milestone toward finding savings opportunities in your spend data.

We offer separate Quick Start Programs for each of the three phases of spend analysis: Data Acquisition, Data Mapping, and Savings Planning.

Quick Start I: Data Acquisition

The first challenge to getting started with Spend Analysis is the data -- where to find it, what datasets are most useful, how to deal with purchasing card and other data sources, and how to link together datasets that seem difficult to connect.

In this program, we help you identify what data is available to you and how best to use it. We also explore how to add value to the data you already have with additional information that the organization may already have or can easily acquire.

  • Identify the data sources within your company
  • Construct a plan for using those data sources in one or more analyses
  • Formulate a data request to the departments or individuals responsible
  • Evaluate the data provided, and request corrections as needed
  • Load and validate the data against control totals to ensure it has loaded correctly
  • Link multiple data sources together as required

Quick Start II: Data Mapping

Once your data is loaded, it’s time to get it to work for you

First, we guide you in building Views to identify opportunities that may already have become visible, just through the process of loading and organizing your data. Next, we help you take value to the next level as you master the process of familying and mapping your data quickly and efficiently.

  • Build Dashboards and Views appropriate for data visibility
  • Group Vendors to remove redundancies
  • Construct a commodity hierarchy and map spending to it, augmenting it as necessary
  • Learn best practices for quality control

Quick Start III: Savings Planning

When your data has been mapped, it’s time to create a plan for savings. We show you how to mark savings opportunities in each spending area, how to display and report them so others can understand them, and how to evaluate them. A quick start program won't make you an expert at sourcing, but we show you how to look for the common indicators that experts use.

Next, we help you build a Planning Dashboard so you can show anyone in the organization exactly what you’re planning to do, when you’re planning to do it, and why. As you collect feedback from stakeholders, the Dashboard can be easily modified so that the plan is always defensible and always relevant. This helps you prepare for discussions with the organization and pick targets that will provide the biggest "bang for the buck" given your priorities, budget, and schedule.

Finally, you take this information and use it to generate savings.

  • Walk through all spending areas and classify them by size of opportunity
  • Evaluate opportunities by degree of difficulty for your organization
  • Prioritize opportunities into phases, to maximize impact
  • Build Reports and Dashboards that illustrate opportunities and potential savings for discussion with stakeholders
  • Balance requirements such as budget, timelines, and priorities

Spendata Services

Our Services programs are designed to help you with your spend analysis if you don't have time or resources, if you are new to spend analysis and want to consult with an expert, or if you want an independent viewpoint on savings opportunities.

The advantage of Spendata is that you aren’t tied to our services in any way. You can take our work and run with it while teaching yourself via Spendata’s library of online resources. Or, you can enroll in one of our training programs to jump-start the process. Either way, there’s no long-term commitment, and no requirement to use us other than expediency.

Telephone Support

You can always post questions on the Spendata Forum, but if you'd rather speak directly or don't want to talk about your data in a public forum, this option gives you access to experts who can answer your questions right away. We are only a phone call (and/or email) away with our telephone support program.

Spend Analysis: The Works

If you choose to outsource, our experts can develop your full spend analysis program from start to finish. With this program, we act as your implementation team, loading your data into Spendata, grouping vendors and mapping into commodities, and then engaging with you to produce a Savings Plan. We perform all data request, quality control, and enrichment functions, as well as the creation of standard dashboards and reports. We can provide instructions for ongoing maintenance or handle data refreshes as you require.

  • Request, evaluate, and load your data
  • Enrich data with vendor grouping and commodity mapping
  • Perform quality control with feedback from you to ensure accuracy
  • Collaborate with your team to perform an opportunity assessment and Savings Plan

Remember that Spendata is designed for do-it-yourself operation. We use Spendata the same way you use it; there are no "magic tools" that we keep to ourselves. So you can dispense with services any time you like -- and if time is a factor, our training programs can get your team up to speed quickly.

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