Resurrect and Revitalize Your Old Spend Cube

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For a limited time, at no cost to you, we're offering to reverse-engineer your old cube, and ship back to you a working Spendata cube, so you can watch your old data spring back to life. And not only spring back to life; experience a second life, because your Spendata cube, unlike your old cube, now contains easy-to-understand mapping rules that you can maintain and enhance with minimal effort.

We capture the IP baked into your existing cube, making it possible for you to move forward and control your own destiny.

How do old spend cubes lose relevance and value?

  • You hired a third party to help with a sourcing effort. They left you with a spend cube, but you've no idea how they mapped it or how to maintain it.
  • Your spend analysis vendor has lost interest, left the business, or has been acquired by another company that has sidelined the old product.
  • Your spend analysis system isn't living up to expectations, but there's no budget to start over.

We got tired of hearing these stories, so we built some neat technology to help out. We call it "Reverse Engineering of Rules." It's pretty simple: we load up your existing data, and then our algorithms deduce a new set of mapping rules to re-create it. Essentially, we capture the IP baked into your existing cube, make it accessible to you, and make it easy for you to move forward and control your own destiny.

How does this work? It works because almost all spend cubes are built on indirect spending, and indirect spending can almost always be mapped to a high degree of accuracy using just Vendor, GL Code, and Item Description. Our algorithms figure out how to create mapping rules that mirror 100% (or nearly 100%) of your existing mappings — and leave you in control of those rules, with the ability to augment them and maintain them in the future.

It doesn't matter how your cube was mapped originally. We don't care, and neither should you. Our technology creates solid rules that you can understand, leaving you in control. No more dependence on a third party, and no more mysteries around "why was this mapped here" or "why wasn't that mapped there."

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