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New Data Format? No Problem.

It’s rare when your data cooperates by always being in the same format. Products that insist on getting their data in exactly the same format every time are naive at best, poorly-designed at worst. New data formats can pop up in many different ways:

  • New fields of interest from a source system have been identified and need to be added to the dataset
  • Additional source systems are contributing data to the dataset
  • The data format from a source system has changed because a new person is now extracting the data

One answer has been a whole generation of meta-layer “ETL” products that translate one data format into another. These products tend to be expensive, require specialized training, and are out of scope for the average business user.

Spendata solves this problem once and for all with an intelligent loader that allows you to line up new data formats with old, add new fields to existing transactions, and continue to accept input data in any of the formats previously used.

The user interface is simple – match fields by name, or click-to-match, and/or add new fields.

Here’s how it works.

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