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  • Datasets To 5M+ Records
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Spendata Enterprise

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Enterprise vs. Classic

Spendata Enterprise extends Spendata Classic to provide:
  • Built-in publishing and sharing of workspaces
  • Spendata's unique inheritance feature that allows users to make modifications to a base cube, and then merge updates from the base cube maintainers without losing or invalidating their work
  • Licenses can be run installed or browser-based or both
When installed, Enterprise provides:
  • Support for large datasets (15M+ transactions)
  • Faster, multi-CPU operation
  • A full-function API that enables automation of data loading, filtering, data extraction, reporting, and virtually every other Spendata function
Enterprise also includes:
  • 5 licenses
  • 8 hours of training/working sessions, tailored to your requirements
  • Telephone support

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30-Day Trial

  • $0, no credit card required

Spendata Classic

  • $699/year/license

Spendata Enterprise

  • $14,000/year includes 5 licenses, training, support.
  • Additional licenses $699/year
Secure and private — your data stays on your machine, and is never transmitted to a server. All processing is performed locally.
Instant cube creation
Intelligent Loader
True DIY operation with extensive video help (100+ videos)
Unlimited dimensions, dashboards, views
Unique filter coin/mark technology
Multiple linked datasets; filtering across links
Real-time mapping and derivation
AI to convert third-party cubes
Nested and scripted derivations for power users
A la carte training and support services
Parallelized operation for fast processing
Built-in publishing and sharing of workspaces
Inheritance (inherit the changes to a base cube while preserving your own independent changes)
API (Application Programming Interface) to automate and drive Spendata remotely
Support for large datasets (15M+ transactions)
8 hours of Spendata training/working sessions included
Telephone support included