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  • Datasets To 5M+ Records
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Spendata Enterprise

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Enterprise vs. Classic

Spendata Enterprise extends Spendata Classic to provide:
  • Built-in publishing and sharing of workspaces
  • Spendata's unique inheritance feature that allows users to make modifications to a base cube, and then merge updates from the base cube maintainers without losing or invalidating their work
  • Licenses can be run installed or browser-based or both
When installed, Enterprise provides:
  • Support for large datasets (15M+ transactions)
  • Faster, multi-CPU operation
  • A full-function API that enables automation of data loading, filtering, data extraction, reporting, and virtually every other Spendata function
Enterprise also includes:
  • 5 licenses
  • 8 hours of training/working sessions, tailored to your requirements
  • Telephone support

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30-Day Trial

  • $0, no credit card required

Spendata Classic

  • $699/year/license

Spendata Enterprise

  • $14,000/year includes 5 licenses, training, support.
  • Additional licenses $699/year
Secure and private — your data stays on your machine, and is never transmitted to a server. All processing is performed locally.
Instant cube creation
Intelligent Loader
True DIY operation with extensive video help (100+ videos)
Unlimited dimensions, dashboards, views
Unique filter coin/mark technology
Multiple linked datasets; filtering across links
Real-time mapping and derivation
AI to convert third-party cubes
Nested and scripted derivations for power users
A la carte training and support services
Parallelized operation for fast processing
Built-in publishing and sharing of workspaces
Inheritance (inherit the changes to a base cube while preserving your own independent changes)
API (Application Programming Interface) to automate and drive Spendata remotely
Star schema extract for Power BI and other BI tools
Support for large datasets (15M+ transactions)
8 hours of Spendata training/working sessions included
Telephone support included