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Spendata is committed to delivering value for our customers, and we have the deep expertise to make that happen. Spendata services can assist in building cubes of all kinds, from conventional AP cubes to commodity-specific cubes for contract compliance to custom cubes for RFP analysis. We maintain telephone and email support resources that can assist at any time. Our training programs include conventional (classroom) training as well as our unique “Work Alongside” methodology, where we watch and help as customers master the product themselves.

Consider the most common services dilemma:

  • If you hire a third party to do the work, you risk paying them forever.
  • If you take the work in-house, your team will sit through generic training classes that may not address your needs.

Work Alongside training programs solve both of these issues. We use screen-sharing technology to "look over your shoulder" while we work with you — not on dummy test data, but on your actual company data. Together, we move through the training, building your savings data analysis as we go, making sure that you understand how to do every step.

Of course, you'll also have the advantage of working with Spendata, which is designed from the ground up to be easy to use and easy to learn. You won't even have to take notes because 100+ how-to videos are available on demand to refresh your memory.

You can choose from a range of different services alternatives — everything is on the table, from pure DIY to hands-on assistance to full service. All our services are a la carte, so you can start or stop them at any time.

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Services Offerings

Telephone Support

From $299/year; contact us for multiple seats

Even the most enthusiastic Do-It-Yourself-ers have questions on occasion and want to talk to an expert.

This option gives you access to people who can answer your questions or help you with your problem. We are only a phone call or an email away with our telephone support program.

Quick Start Programs

From $1450; contact us to discuss your needs

Engage with us for a Quick Start training progam adapted to your needs and requirements. Working together with you, we load your data, map it, and build a Planning Dashboard that you can share and syndicate with the organization.

We accomplish this using our tried-and-tested Work Alongside training program. On a shared screen, we show you how to perform each step of the spend cube process, and then we watch you do it so we're both sure that you know how. When you're comfortable with a step, we disengage so you can complete the rest of the work on your own. Then we move on to the next step together, and so on. The end result is a working spend analysis on your data — and best of all, you've mastered the knowledge and tools to recreate it yourself.

Convert to Spendata

From $750; contact us for details

Converting your old, third-party spend cube into a working Spendata cube couldn't be easier. Spendata's equipped with a unique Reverse Engineering of Rules (RER) capability. We'll show you how to extract useful, understandable mapping rules from it, and convert your old cube into a working Spendata cube.

Our conversion process captures all of your existing cube's mapping IP, no matter how it was originally mapped. We'll also show you how to use RER to find poorly-mapped spend and outright mapping errors, so you can correct those errors automatically.

Of course, it's all done with our Work Alongside training techniques, so you'll not only accomplish your conversion mission, but also you will know how to do it yourself next time.

Group Training

From $1150; contact us to discuss your needs

If you have multiple users that need to be brought up to speed quickly, we offer one-day training where we go through each of the key functions of the product. We divide the day into two or more screen-sharing sessions with frequent breaks.

Because Spendata is easy to learn and easy to use, we focus on how to get value with the product rather than on the details of each and every function. We are able to use this value approach because Spendata's searchable video library with 100+ videos is available on demand. Whenever you need to, you can use the library to refresh your memory on how to perform a particular function.

Data and Savings Roadmap/Planning

Contact us to discuss your needs

Many organizations have trouble constructing a savings roadmap and implementation plan from scratch.

Spendata Services has built concrete planning materials that have proved their value over and over again. We can adapt these time-tested materials to your needs with your input and guidance.

Adapting the materials involves defining and constructing the steps of a Savings Roadmap, wherein the potential benefit from each data source is mapped against your specific business units and other constituencies in the organization. As part of the process, we also construct a Data Inventory Map, which is key to gaining an understanding of what data are available to the organization, where it lives, who controls it, and how it can be accessed.

The result is a comprehensive plan that you can feel confident about.

The Works

Contact us to discuss your needs

If you don't have the time or resources, our experts can develop your full spend analysis program from start to finish.

With this program we act as your implementation team, loading your data into Spendata, grouping vendors and mapping into commodities, and then engaging with you to produce a Savings Plan. We perform all data request, quality control, and enrichment functions, as well as the creation of standard dashboards and reports. We can provide instructions for ongoing maintenance or handle data refreshes as you require.

Note that we use Spendata the same way you use it; there are no "magic tools" that we keep to ourselves. So you can dispense with our services any time you like — and if time is a factor, our training programs can get your team up to speed quickly and eliminate your dependence on us completely.

A La Carte Projects

Contact us to discuss your needs

Spendata is an enormously capable product, and mostly very simple to use. But some functions just aren't that simple, like our multi-pass derivation capability and Script-Only columns; so we're here to help.

Just pick up the phone or email us, tell us what you'd like to do, and we'll either help you on the spot or, if your needs are sufficiently complex, we'll set up a project to assist you in achieving your objective. Don't ever assume that Spendata can't do something — it almost always can!