System Requirements

 Spendata runs almost anywhere 

Spendata runs best on modern desktop or laptop PCs with 8 gigabytes or more of main memory. For construction of large workspaces, we recommend 16 gigabytes to avoid memory constraints.

Spendata runs on the Chrome, Edge, or Firefox browsers. Since Spendata runs entirely in the browser, the underlying OS doesn't matter. Spendata runs equally well on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux — even on Chromebooks.

For datasets larger than 5 million transactions we recommend Spendata Enterprise. Spendata Enterprise requires Windows 10 or above.


Spendata is a “software as a service” or SAS application served from the web. Unlike most SAS applications which depend on a server to perform the majority of the work, Spendata’s server has no purpose other than to (1) download the Spendata application and (2) manage logins. The server doesn’t “help” with computation in any way because the application resides entirely in the browser. There is no data flow from the browser to the Spendata server, with two exceptions:
  • Login credentials
  • Requests for download of Spendata's sample workspaces and sample data files, and Spendata’s auto-family and auto-mapping knowledge bases

This means that user data is never moved to the server. User data remains resident on the user machine at all times. Spendata is therefore GDPR and HIPAA compliant by design, as well as satisfying any and all data sovereignty concerns.

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