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System Requirements

Spendata runs best on modern desktop or laptop PCs with 8 gigabytes or more of main memory. Running Spendata on machines with less than 8 gigabytes of main memory is not recommended for large datasets.

Spendata must be run using the Firefox or Chrome web browser.* If you don't already have one of them, you can get Firefox or get Chrome for free. Since Spendata runs in the browser, the underlying OS doesn't matter; Spendata runs equally well on Mac OS, Windows, and Linux -- even Chromebooks.

For datasets larger than 2 million transactions, Firefox should be used instead of Chrome, because Chrome imposes artificial limits on memory use.

Datasets of 10 million transactions have been analyzed successfully with Spendata; but as a practical matter, please contact us for advice if your goal is to load larger datasets than that.

*Microsoft Edge is missing key features required for Spendata, but appears likely to support them in future.