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With Spendata's unique "inheritance" feature, the entire organization can leverage shared spend cubes and never worry about private analyses going stale with old data. Instead, everyone's analysis stays useful and up-to-date.

When a core team produces a spend cube for the organization, it's unlikely that it will be useful to everyone as is.

That's because everything produced by committee is a compromise: dimensions, mappings, dashboards … everything.

Which means that a consensus cube's value for targeted analyses is limited.

What's an analyst to do? Modifying the base cube with custom changes is the right answer, but this assumes that the cube can be modified (often it can't). What's worse, the very next update of the base cube by the core team will wipe out the custom analysis, causing all that work to be lost.

But not with Spendata. Whenever the base cube is updated, analysts who have modified and extended it are notified; and if they wish, Spendata automatically merges their changes with the new cube, carefully preserving and updating their work.

What kinds of changes can analysts make? Any and all. New dimensions, new data feeds, new dashboards, new mapping rules, anything. Spendata even protects the analyst from deletions made by the core team, ensuring that custom analyses will continue to function after the merge.

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