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A New Take On Services

Spendata and its consulting partners have two complementary objectives: (1) delivering immediate value to customers, and (2) providing continuing value over time. The latter goal, which differentiates us from other solutions, requires helping our customers to become competent, independent users of our software – with the emphasis on independent.

While helping customers become independent may sound like an obvious objective for services, in many cases it isn't. A majority of spend analysis vendors offer a product consisting of proprietary data preparation services plus a third-party BI tool like Qlik or Tableau. The customer must rely on the vendor for changes, updates, modifications, and mappings. This fosters long-term dependence, which may be great for the vendor, but isn't ideal for customers.

In other cases, organizations are engaging with consultants who are oriented around quickly identifying savings opportunities and exploiting them. Unfortunately, many consulting firms have little interest in leaving behind useful data or applications that lead to client independence. Customers must therefore repeat the same consulting cycle again and again, as savings evaporate over time.

Spendata's services include conventional (classroom) training as well as our unique "work alongside" methodology, where we watch and help as customers master the product themselves. We assist in building cubes of all sorts, from conventional AP cubes to commodity-specific cubes for contract compliance to custom cubes for RFP analysis. We maintain telephone and email support resources that can assist at any time.

Spendata software is designed for independent use. Users are productive almost immediately because Spendata is easy to use and self-documented with 100+ short (1-2 minute) videos. And, since a license for Spendata is affordable and secure by design, the ordinary impediments to onboarding a software product don't apply. Spendata's advanced technology, well ahead of competitive products, ensures that it can handle the most demanding requirements.

When customers are resource-constrained or need a full-service provider, we connect them with one of the world class consulting firms who partner with Spendata. These firms are fully on board with our philosophy. They understand the value of tools and the value of leaving behind spend cubes that customers — with very little effort — can use and maintain productively over time.

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