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Star Power: Spendata and Power BI

Spendata cubes can now be exported to Power BI in star schema format. Star schemas dramatically reduce file size and allow Power BI to operate at maximum efficiency. In addition, Spendata ensures that Power BI automatically creates the necessary table relationships on data load. Spendata does this by naming key and data columns so that Power BI builds accurate relationships and never creates spurious connections between unrelated tables.

But that's not all. Spendata produces efficient numeric keys, not character-string keys, which further optimizes Power BI performance. And, Spendata exports special de-normalized hierarchy files from which Power BI hierarchies can be derived directly.

The result is that business users can export spend cubes to Power BI without having to become database experts. Even for experts, Spendata saves tons of time because everything is normalized and Power BI will knit the customized schema together automatically. When the Spendata cube is updated, simply re-export the data and you're back up and running.

Here's a video with more information.

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