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With Spendata, you can be up and running in just minutes (watch our videos to see this in real time). Just answer a few questions, and Spendata will auto-family your vendors, auto-map your spending, and produce a working spend analysis cube while you watch. If you have non-AP data, you’re sent on a slightly different path, but one which will produce an analysis cube quickly and efficiently.

What if you already have a spend cube built internally or by a third party? Just load its data into Spendata. Our smart reverse-engineering algorithms will create new, easy-to-understand mapping rules that produce the same outcome as your old cube, but in a brand new Spendata cube. And then you can leverage Spendata's powerful mapping facilities and unsurpassed analysis capability without losing any of the work you've put into your old system.

How do spend cubes lose relevance and value?

  • Your spend analysis system isn't doing any analysis — you're still dumping data to spreadsheets.
  • Your spend analysis vendor has lost interest, left the business, or has been acquired and sidelined.
  • You're spending a lot of money on data refreshes, and you're tired of it (you should be, most refreshes are easy).
  • You hired a third party to help with a sourcing effort. They left you with a spend cube, but you've no idea how they mapped it or how to maintain it.
Use Spendata's RER (Reverse Engineering of Rules)
to recover the IP from the old cube and move forward.

You can also choose to run Spendata right alongside your existing spend analysis solution, because Spendata can be refreshed with new data at any time without losing any of your analysis work. This gives you the best of both worlds — no disruption to your current processes, and all the power of Spendata to deliver the analysis flexibility you’ve been missing.

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