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Adding Analytics to Your Solution is Easier Than You Think

If you’re interested in augmenting your product or deliverable with world-class analytics, consider the advantages of partnering with Spendata.

  • Your customers will be thrilled. Spendata is easy to use and easy to understand, because it’s designed from the ground up for business users. It’s also powerful and blows away competitive solutions — which is why it’s been top of the Spend Matters Solution Map for 3 years straight.
  • You can be up and running right away. Spendata’s unique architecture allows it to integrate seamlessly with your solution.
  • Your CFO will be pleased. Spendata is very affordable, allowing you to avoid the costs and risks of a development project.
  • Your CTO will be delighted. Spendata runs entirely in the browser, so it doesn’t burden your servers or infrastructure. And, because Spendata never moves data away from the user’s machine, it passes security reviews — as well as GDPR and HIPAA — by design.

Spendata is serious analytics software, written from first principles with hand-tooled roll-up engines and a custom UI. This allows it to offer functionality that no BI tool has imagined — real-time dimension creation, dynamic familying and mapping, workspace inheritance, recursive segmentation, and more. Spendata is constantly pioneering new ways to get value from data, so your functionality grows with ours.

All of that capability is easy to understand and easy to use. Even advanced modeling is straightforward, because Spendata is a real-time analysis application that delivers spreadsheet immediacy at database scale. Analysis models are built incrementally and naturally, just as users build Excel models every day.

So before you invest time and effort building an analytics capability — or settle for bundling a BI tool that won’t offer a competitive edge — drop us an email or contact form. We’d love to explore how Spendata could boost sales and customer satisfaction — with very little effort and in a remarkably short time.

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